Assistant Network Manager

Job Description

A leading provider of Education ICT solutions is seeking an Assistant Network Manager to join the managed service team.
The organisation brings together a team with over seventy-five years of collective experience, specialising in consultancy, infrastructure services, network development, and managed support services for educational establishments in the UK.
Key Tasks
1. ICT Support Service On-Site
  • Under the Guidance of the Network Manager: Provide specialised ICT support to ensure the school/centre maintains high-quality learning facilities.
  • Second-in-Command: Act as the deputy to the Network Manager and, if working for a Trust Network Manager, potentially lead the satellite site, requiring the ability to work independently.
  • Support Staff and Pupils: Use specialised skills, training, and experience to support the ICT needs of the school/centre’s staff and pupils.
  • Maintenance of Equipment: Ensure specialist equipment is maintained for quality and safety, perform repairs/modifications within your capabilities, and arrange for external repairs as necessary.
  • Demonstrate and Assist: Help in the safe and effective use of specialist equipment/materials.
  • Provide Advice and Guidance: Offer specialist advice and guidance to the school/centre as required.
  • Effective Communication: Communicate technical information effectively, both verbally and in writing, at an appropriate level for the audience.
  • Implement Work Programs: Follow agreed-upon work programs and practices under the guidance of senior staff.
  • Stock Management: Monitor and manage stock within an agreed budget, catalogue resources, and conduct audits as needed.
  • Policy Compliance: Adhere to policies and procedures related to child protection, health, safety, security, and confidentiality, and report concerns appropriately.
  • Mentor Junior Colleagues: Guide and support junior colleagues.
  • Data Protection: Ensure compliance with the Data Protection Act 1984 regarding the security, accuracy, and relevance of personal data held on systems, and ensure administrative and financial processes comply with this act.
2. Technical Expertise
  • Hardware Setup: Connect and check hardware for normal operation.
  • Desktop Environment: Set up a suitable desktop environment for standalone or networked PCs.
  • Software Installation: Install simple software applications as required.
  • Networked PCs: Perform basic setup and checks for networked PCs.
  • User Accounts Maintenance: Perform basic maintenance tasks for user accounts.
  • Intranet Updates: Use simple utilities to update information on the intranet.
  • Network Monitoring: Follow instructions to run basic network monitoring reports or utilities.
3. Processes
  • Acceptance Testing: Follow acceptance test procedures on new ICT equipment and report results appropriately.
  • Record Updates: Update records of installed hardware and software.
  • Software Library Maintenance: Maintain a software library and store original copies of installed applications.
  • Equipment Transportation: Transfer and transport IT equipment to required areas or rooms within the site.
  • Disaster Recovery: Follow processes and tasks described in the school’s disaster recovery and maintenance plans.
  • Backup and Virus Protection: Follow instructions to implement school backup and virus protection procedures.
  • Support Log Management: Accurately record support requests in a log, retrieve details of previous requests if an enquiry is made.
  • Support Investigation: Investigate support requests, record diagnostic information, and either resolve or escalate as appropriate.
  • Task Time Recording: Record the time spent on tasks and compare it to expectations/allocation as appropriate.
4. Checks
Regular System Checks:
Perform regular checks on client systems, including but not limited to:
  • Disk space
  • Backup
  • Event logs
  • Cluster Shared Volume/Shared Storage for Hypervisors
  • SNMP Traps
5. Holiday Work
  • Project Teams: Potential to be called out to work in project teams during holidays.
6. Other Tasks
  • Monitor Responsibilities: Actively monitor school, LEA/LA, and legal responsibilities.
  • Develop H&S Procedures: Develop relevant health and safety procedures and ensure all ICT users follow appropriate practices.
  • Self-Regulation: Ability to self-regulate.
  • Additional Tasks: Perform any other tasks deemed appropriate by the Technical Management Team or Company Directors.
Work Experience Requirements
  • Experience in a helpdesk or support environment.
Education Requirements
  • Professional qualifications (Degree/Masters in Computing) or Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA), Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) or equivalent, demonstrable experience.
  • Other specialist IT qualifications, such a